Todmorden Moor hides many tales amongst its rolling hills. Spirits are said to share this beautiful landscape with the grazing sheep, but one soul in particular continues to pique the interest of the local villagers.

Lady Sybil was a beautiful woman and the heir to Bernshaw Tower. She was captivated by the landscape; consumed by a yearning to become at one with nature. To satisfy this craving, Sybil traded her soul for the gift of witchcraft, allowing her to roam the moors she held so dear in any form of her choosing.

However as Sybil turned her attention to the allure of nature, others were more enticed by the other attraction of land: money. The Bernshaw Tower estate was highly prized, and many suitors had found their advances on both land and Lady rebuked as Sybil instead opted for a life of solitude.

However one man would not take no for an answer. William Towneley knew the value Bernshaw Tower, and asked Mother Helston – a local woman revered for her wisdom – to help him earn his deepest desires.

“Go hunting upon Thieveley Pike on All Hallows’ Eve, and all will be revealed,” the wise woman replied, and Towneley prepared to hunt.

On that fateful evening, Towneley took to the Pike with his pack of hounds in tow. Suddenly, a creature stopped the hunter in his tracks. In front of him on the mist-filled track stood a pure white doe. Taking this as an omen, Towneley set at it with his hounds, chasing the fleet-footed doe across the moor until they could almost chase no more.

Eventually, Towneley’s persistence paid off. His pack encircled the doe, who surrendered immediately, dropping to its knees. As advised by Mother Helston, Towneley slipped a silk leash around the doe’s neck and bound it to a tree until daybreak.

The next morning, Towneley discovered Lady Sybil lying in the doe’s place, with the same silk leash fastened around her neck. Sybil awoke, terrified her sorcery would be exposed to the world, and reluctantly agreed to marry Towneley – granting him the very thing he had always hoped for.

Once married, Lady Sybil heeded her new husband’s request to never use her witchcraft ever again. However the urge to be at one with nature proved too strong and Sybil’s otherworldly powers soon came to the fore. Cats were one of Sybil’s prefered animal forms, and her regular midnight raids of the village dairy soon aroused suspicion.

One evening, the miller’s son spotted the cat stealing milk and chased after it with a blade. While he was unable to kill the feline, as it darted away, he spotted one of the cat’s paws lying on the ground. By the next morning, the paw had been replaced by a severed lady’s hand, sporting a wedding ring. The miller’s son knew immediately what had transpired.

The boy ran to Towneley’s home and handed him the ring. As they rushed upstairs, they discovered Lady Sybil feverish in bed, soaked in blood. Her secret was out once and for all. Despite her pain, she summoned all her power to restore her hand. A red mark was left in its place, a reminder to all of her ways with witchcraft.

Upon her death a year later, the poor Lady was refused a proper burial because of her sorcery; instead she was laid to rest at the very place William Towneley first discovered her true self.

They say that every Halloween to this day, a spectral doe can be seen bounding across those very moors…


Folklore Distillery

Folklore Society Gin is a collaboration that owes its existence to Yorkshire. It’s a shared endeavour of creative minds within Yorkshire, united by a passion to create a gin that showcases the best native, seasonal ingredients the region has to offer.

Beautifully designed, expertly manufactured and thoughtfully distilled, this gin tells the story of our culture and heritage - and we want to share it with you.

Folklore Gin 70cl


Our artisan gin is distilled in Yorkshire, incorporating some of the finest seasonal botanicals. Each and every 22L run is handmade in Minerva – a traditional copper alembic still – creating a small yet perfectly formed batch every time.

Full to the brim with botanicals showcasing hand-picked plums, figs and a pinch of northern magic, English coriander seeds and the appropriate amount of juniper are added to create a truly memorable gin.

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Coffee Liqueur 70cl


In collaboration with In Good Company, artist Chris Clarke and North Star Roasters we’ve created a limited edition coffee liqueur with sweet notes of orange and chocolate.

Proceeds from this release will support frontline19.

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In Good Company limited edition gin 70cl


In collaboration with In Good Company and illustrator Rebecca Stickson, we’ve created a limited release gin that is citrus forward with notes of orange, lemon, cardamom, coriander and juniper.

A nod to all of the fantastic front line workers, its colourful pallet matches the thank you poste that adorns the bottle.

Proceeds from this release will support both The Blurt Foundation and Mind Charity.

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Rhubarb & Apple Gin 70cl


Using Folklore Society Gin as a base, this gin in infused with hand-picked plums, figs, English coriander seeds and an appropriate amount of juniper creating a gin with unique flavour notes and the taste of an endless summer.

Perfect savoured neat or as a mixer to draw out the sublime flavours of this memorable gin.

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